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Kenwood TK3313 Radio Batteries

Kenwood TK3313 Two-Way Radio Batteries at discount prices. Select your 2-Way radio battery below:
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  1. Kenwood KNB45L

    Kenwood KNB-45L Replacement Battery - 1900 mAh / Li-Ion

    Kenwood KNB-45L Replacement Battery - 7.4V / 1900 mAh / 14.1 Wh / Li-Ion. Compatible with Kenwood Two-Way Radios: TK2200, NX240, NX340, TK2000, TK2200L, TK2200LP, TK2207, TK2212L, TK2300VP, TK2307, TK2302VK, TK2312, TK2400VP, TK2402VK, TK3000, TK3200L, TK3200LP, TK3207, TK3212L, TK3300UP, TK3302UK, TK3307, TK3313, TK3400UP, TK3402UK. Learn More
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